Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites are one of the most common locations of serious accidents, posing dangers to workers and innocent bystanders alike.  Depending on the precise circumstances of the accident as well as your affiliation to the construction site itself, different laws may apply.

When a construction accident injures an employee, workers' compensation laws will generally apply. There are, however, cases in which the worker can also obtain economic recovery from other parties (not the employer) who may be deemed liable.  This is called a third-party action, and it enables the injured employee to maintain both a workers' compensation action against the employer along with a lawsuit against the negligent party who caused the accident. 

When an innocent bystander suffers injury as the result of a construction accident, he may also be eligible to recover damages by filing a personal injury claim. See our section on premises liability to learn more about filing a personal injury claim for premises liability.

There are many different ways one can suffer an injury at a construction site. Scaffolding accidents, falls, electrocution, falling objects and improperly braced trenches are among the most common.

What You Should Do If You've Been Injured in a Construction Accident

  • If you are an employee, report your injury to your employer or the construction site manager immediately.
  • If you are a bystander, report your injury to the construction site manager, police, or paramedics immediately.
  • Seek medical attention for your injuries.
  • Obtain the contact information of any witnesses who witnessed the accident.
  • Preserve as much evidence as possible, including taking photos of the site and the specific location where your accident occurred, as well as your injuries.
  • Keep any faulty equipment that was involved (if any).
  • Do not negotiate with any liable party(s) without first consulting an experienced attorney.

Determining liability in construction accidents usually depends on a number of factors. Large construction endeavors involve a variety of parties, including the site's landowner, general contractors, sub-contractors, material suppliers, architects and engineers.  It is critical that all construction accidents be investigated as soon as possible to assess and determine liability.  To analyze the evidence properly, the attorneys at Duvel Law, APC., will review the accident scene, review any photographs and accident reports, speak to witnesses and consult with expert witnesses if necessary.