Your Estate Plan deserves your careful attention if you are to avoid the financial pitfalls that can destroy all you have worked hard to accumulate and pass to your loved ones.  Your family's financial future depends on your being prepared today.  Let Duvel Law, APC., help secure your future, protect your children, and preserve your hard-earned legacy.


Everyone has an estate plan, whether intentional or by default.  If you think you have no plan in place because you have not made out a Will or a Trust, you're mistaken.  You still have a plan………. It is simply the plan that is dictated by the Probate Courts in the State of California.  People who die without Wills or Trusts are said to die intestate.  State law provides the rules of distribution that MUST be followed when a person dies intestate.  In most cases intestate estates must be Probated, which involves a court proceeding and in many cases state law may require distribution that you would not have wanted.  It is a very good idea to avoid intestacy by having a Trust that is designed for your particular needs.