A Will is a written legal document with instructions for distributing assets after death.

A Will leaves instructions to a person's family, heirs and to the Courts as to how that person wanted to distribute his or her money and property. A Will is the most basic estate planning tool, and a Will is one way, at the very minimum, to ensure your goals are met and your family is taken care of after you're gone. However, due to the many pitfalls of Wills because of Probate Court (as detailed in What is Estate Planning) many people opt for a Trust as an estate planning method instead of just of Will.  A Trust offers more flexibility and potentially far bigger savings to your beneficiaries than just a Will.  Unlike a Will, a Trust does not go through Probate and as such, does not incur the expense and time delays of Probate.  Whether you want to prepare a Will or you are interested in updating your estate plan or exploring Trusts, we can help you tailor a plan to your needs.  At Duvel Law, APC., we understand that every client's most important estate planning goal is to secure a future which provides for you and for the ones you love.