How Long Will it Take to get a Trust?

Creating a Trust is a significant undertaking, one that has frequently been put off far too long by clients.  When clients finally decide to proceed with creating their Trust, the first step is to meet with your attorney, discuss your specific needs, and formulate a plan best suited for accomplishing your specific needs.  From there, an estate planning questionnaire is completed, which details the specifics of your estate.  Once you provide the core information requested in the estate planning questionnaire, it should only take a week or so to prepare drafts of your documents. Once the drafts are reviewed and approved, final documents will be prepared for signature.   

Once your documents are finalized, title in many of your assets will need to be transferred from their current holding into the formal name of your Trust.  These assets include real estate, bank accounts, stock accounts and other non-qualified accounts.  After title in the proper assets is transferred into your Trust, your Trust is considered funded and is finished.  Most Trusts, from the initial meeting through signature, take between 1-3 weeks.