Travel Time

Non-exempt employees are generally entitled to wages for traveling during regularly-scheduled hours. For example, an employee who is required to visit various work sites throughout the workday must be compensated for all travel time, except time spent traveling from home to the first work site and time spent traveling from the last work site to home. (Note: Additional requirements regarding pay may apply for travel time during extended daily travel or overnight stays.)

Failure to pay employees for time spent traveling, where required, may subject an employer to penalties, interest, and reimbursement of attorney fees and costs, in addition to unpaid wages or overtime wages, if applicable, for travel time.

Moreover, employees who have complained about the legitimacy of an employer's travel pay policy and who have suffered adverse consequences as a result, may also have a separate claim of retaliation which may make available the following additional damages: Compensatory damages, emotional distress damages, and punitive damages.