Employees who work in the service-oriented industry and who do not reside at their place of employment may be entitled to split-shift premiums. A split-shift premium represents one additional hour of pay at the minimum wage for every workday during which a split-shift is worked. A split-shift is defined as a work schedule which is interrupted by non-paid working periods established by the employer — other than bona fide rest or meal periods.

Industries Which Are Generally Affected
Any business or establishment which provides meals, housing, or maintenance services, such as: Restaurants, nightclubs, bars, boarding houses, catering establishments, hotels, motels, apartment houses, rest homes, child care institutions, private schools, veterinary or animal care services establishments, cleaning and maintenance companies, or other similar establishments.

No Retaliation
Employees who have complained about the failure to pay split-shift premiums and who have suffered adverse consequences as a result, may also have a separate claim of retaliation which may make available the following additional damages: Compensatory damages, emotional distress damages, and punitive damages.