What is Business Law?

Business laws protect people's and company's rights in business.  Business law plays a vital role in regulating business practices. Below are some typical examples of business law matters:

  • Business Entity Formation– Business law is the concept of creating a business entity, whether it be a Corporation, LLC, or Partnership.  Formation addresses all facets of getting a business formed, including filing the Articles of Incorporation, creating the Bylaws/Operating Agreement, Company Minutes, obtaining a Federal Tax ID Number, and the filing of all requisite forms with both the Secretary of State and the IRS.
  • Business Drafting – Business law deals with company transactions, contracts (drafting and enforcing), breach of contract, collection, etc.
  • Employee Matters – Most companies have employees. Navigating employment matters is both comprehensive and tricky in California.  Review the Employment Law Section on this site for a detailed list of employment matters.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – When a company decides to (i) merge with another company, (ii) sell all its interests to another company, or (iii) purchase all the interests of another company.
  • Financial Matters– Business law involves all financial issues within a company, such as employee matters, compensation for Officers and employees, lawsuits involving the company, etc.
  • The Shareholders– Business law involves all matters involving the company's shareholders. Whether it be buyout situations, issues involving minority shareholders, and takeover matters.